30 September 2013

Sparkle with classical music!






Sparkle with classical music!


It's been quite a while since our last update!

We've been working on a brand logo renewal design for "Joshicla" ("josh"=girls, "cla" for classical) of Nippon Columbia Records. This is a lovely project engaging women to enjoy classical music more casually and proposing ways of incorporating it into their daily lives. I personally love classical music as well because it has that magic of adding a little luxury and "sparkle" to any moment of time or space.

So last Friday, we were invited to their brand renewal reception at Eataly in Daikanyama. Starting with a lovely glass of rosé sparkling wine, followed by a delicious Italian course dinner, lots of wine (!), and an amazing live saxophone performance. We had a wonderful time mingling with the other guests who were from different industries and we were definitely "pompette" over such a luxurious time!

Thank you to everybody of "Joshicla" for an amazing night!

We are also designing their first compilation CD, which will be released on Nov. 20th. Updates soon to come! end

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