21 November 2012

"i am atashi" スイーツ・コラボ☆

今回の"i am atashi" POPUP SHOP in Harajuku で友人パティシエの木村奈都子さんとコラボしていただいた "i am atashi" スイーツのご紹介です。

この "i am atashi"スイーツのコンセプトは6人のatashiたちそれぞれの好きなお酒に合わせた焼き菓子をペアリング。お酒が入っているものもあり、 パッケージの表はレトロなお菓子屋さん風に全員違う色のストライプ、裏はそれぞれのリラックスタイムを想定した彼女たちの一言を楽しめる、こだわりのほろよいスイーツです♪

{スライドショーはこちら Projects > Portfolio}





We have updated our "portfolio" showcasing the "i am atashi" sweets collaboration that we did with my pastry chef friend Natsuko Kimura for our POPUP SHOP in Harajuku.

The concept was that we paired a baked sweet to each "atashi" girl according to the alcoholic drink that they like (because we're 'POMPETTE', of course). Some have a little bit of alcohol as well to double the buzz! Perfect accompaniments for some down time with your favorite drink.

We illustrated each girl relaxing with their favorite drink on the packaging with retro candy-store-like stripes, each in different colors. {Slideshow HERE Projects > Portfolio}

Everybody who visited seemed to enjoy choosing and relating one over the other. Above all, everybody was in love with Natsuko's sweets! Because of course, they were absolutely delicious♡ This was so much fun that we hope that we can do this again!

Which "atashi" treat would you choose?
Feel free to drop us a comment or suggest ideas for future "sweets" collaborations that you would like to see. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you again, Natsuko, for an awesome collaboration!

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