25 September 2012

FEATURED: Best 100 of Bingo

今日発売の福山・備後の地元紙 Wink 10月号「備後自慢 我が町の自慢100」特集にPOMPETTEも紹介していただきました。EMILIEと一緒に♪ 他99の自慢や名物とは横に並べないぐらい恐縮なのですが...とっても、とっても光栄で嬉しいです!


We have been featured in the current October issue of WINK, a popular local magazine for Fukuyama/Bingo area for their "The 100 Best of Bingo" story - along with our own EMILIE! The text reads, "POMPETTE designs gifts that capture girls' hearts. A female design duo residing in Fukuyama, designs pouches and accessories with their relaxed, stylish illustrations. More and more girls are captivated by their cute creations!"

We are not even close to standing up to the 99 other "bests" (!) but we are truly honored and grateful to be acknowledged as so as a newcomer, starting in Fukuyama. It only gives us more positive energy to drive forward and one day becoming a "real pride"!


Coincidentally, another little feature that bloomed from this blog post - a little photo essay collaboration with our favorite locals at Cafe Kokon - is in the issue as well.


Thank you, WINK and Cafe KOKON, for this lovely feature and opportunity!
We look forward to continue working with you.



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