16 July 2012

Tokyo Trip!




So, I was in Tokyo for a little over two weeks for some research and inspiration for our next project - meeting people, walking around and absorbing the city. It's been a few months since my last trip but this time was more refreshing, stimulating and energizing than before. When you're in it, you sometimes forget to pay attention but yes, it's TOKYO!

This time, I met lots of friends from every phase of my life, from grade school through college, New York and France, which was very inspiring. All from different backgrounds, living different lives. All sparkling in their way.

Now, I'm back in Fukuyama, charged and inspired, ready for some creative output with my partner. We are brewing something fun for Fall... stay tuned!

今回のお気に入りスポットは北青山にできたニューヨーク・ダイナー風なカフェ、NUMBER A。オープンでゆるい感じがまたまたニューヨークを思い出させてくれました。「ベーコン&チョコチップのパンケーキ」の塩味と甘みのハーモニーが絶妙。

My favorite spot from this trip was a cafe in Kita-Aoyama called "Number A." It totally reminded me of New York. Open and easy-going. The bacon & chocolate chip pancake was a divine combination of sweet and salty.


The TSUTAYA bookstore that opened earlier this year in Daikanyama is my favorite place to indulge in glossies. They have all of the magazines that you can think of from all around the world! Their selection of art/design/travel/cook books are amazing as well. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time.


It had been a long time since I walked the East area of Tokyo but when I saw the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower across the Sumida River and looked over to the left, there they were - my old apartment building that I lived in when I was in highschool (right when I moved back from California) and the infamous Asahi Beer Hall (a.k.a. "The Poop Building"... the gold thing on top is supposedly an artistic resemblance of beer foam but...)! In an ever-changing, high speed metropolis like Tokyo, I was glad to see that some things that are familiar to me haven't changed.


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